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Please see below a list of services and prices performed by Alice.
Prices are for SINGULAR services.
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Full Body Show Quality Clip

Part Body Clip

Show Daily Clip

New Tail Clip & Shape

Tail Reclip & Tidy Up

Mane Pulling


 Part Mane

 Full Mane




Mane Plait  & Forelock Plait

Forelock Braid Only

Tail Braid & False Tail Insert

False Tail Insert Only

Quarter Marks

Face Makeup

Colour Enhancing Application 


 Full Body
price does not include product used



When is the best time to clip?
  • stabled of a night under lights – anytime
  • stabled of a night with no lights – when the winter coat first comes through but expect to reclip to maintain the coat for showing
  • out in a paddock day and night – as close as possible to the show you are aiming at
  • for the summer coat to come through faster for Spring shows – July/August
Why do I have to wash my horse before it is clipped?

Your horse is continually shedding skin cells.  The flakes sit amongst the hair shafts next to the skin with dirt and sweat.  This “grit” clogs the clipper blades leaving a rough finish.

Can I do anything to improve a coat colour and texture?

Yes most certainly.  What you feed your horse months before the clip shows after the clip.  Feed a good quality feed and coat supplement, wash and condition the coat regularly and exercise.