Alice Clarke

Alice Clarke

At the age of 15 Alice founded the business Devine Equine Services where her primary work was professionally clipping, presenting and educating horses.  She has a special passion for working with young horses and is in high demand for her presentation skills at Royals and Arabian Shows.

Ponies/Horses MUST be freshly washed and dried to be clipped.

Q & A

When is the best time to clip?

a. stabled of a night under lights - anytime

b. stabled of a night with no lights - when the winter coat first comes through but expect to reclip to maintain the coat for showing

c. out in a paddock day and night - as close as possible to the show you are aiming at

d. for the summer coat to come through faster for Spring shows - July/August

Q & A

Why do I have to wash my horse before it is clipped?

Your horse is continually shedding skin cells.  The flakes sit amongst the hair shafts next to the skin with dirt and sweat.  This "grit" clogs the clipper blades leaving a rough finish.

Q & A

Can I do anything to improve a coat colour and texture?

Yes most certainly.  What you feed your horse months before the clip shows after the clip.  Feed a good quality feed and coat supplement, wash and condition the coat regularly and exercise.





$200.00  Full Body Show Clip

$120.00  Part Body Clip

$050.00  Show Trim

$035.00  New Tail Clip/Shape

$020.00  Tail Reclip/Shape





$60.00  Mane/Forelock Plait

$020.00  Forelock Braid

$040.00  Tail Braid/Insert

$020.00  False Tail Insert

$025.00  Quarter Marks

$020.00  Face Makeup

$050.00  Mane Pulling

$050.00  Show Wash + Treatment/OColour





$50.00  In Hand Training

$60.00  Under saddle Education

$50.00  Lesson 1/2 hour

$60.00  Lesson 1 hour

Updates and notices

20/3/2018 Due to current work commitments Alice will NOT be available for clipping until further notice.

1/9/2017  Alice's books are currently closed to new clients

6/8/2017  It's that time of year again....horses coming in after there winter spell in preparation for the Spring Show Season.

23/6/2017  Next available date for  show/prep/training/education is 10/7/2017

22/6/2017  TAKEN We have the following availability for show prep/training/education

1 stable available at Harrington Park Equestrian Centre for show prep/education/training by Alice

22/6/2017  Clipping season is upon again.  HORSES MUST BE FRESHLY WASHED AND DRIED BEFORE CLIPPING.  You can bring your horse/pony to her at our paddocks/stables at Albion Park or Alice will travel to you with a travel fee of $30.00 per hour travel return.  Cash is payable on the day unless other arrangements have been made.

18/3/2017  Alice has 1 stable available for show prep/education.  This has been filled thankyou.

10/3/2017  Alice has limited availability for Royal Quality Show clips and presentation.  Please contact her direct on 0403 659 970 via text leaving a short message and she will contact you within a few days.

Alice gained her Cert 111 in Agriculture specialising in Performance Horse Management in 2012 and completed her EA Introductory Riding Certificate in 2013.